How to get rid of a spot overnight

You have an important event coming up and you get a spot the night before. Yep happens to me all the time. I want to look my best but its hard when you have another head on your face.

Of course I always use my Clarasonic after a full day of cake face, but it doesn’t get rid of spots overnight. It takes a few uses to fully clear my skin. But I found a solution in a tiny little bottle from Boots.

Tea Tree OilYou may have heard me talk about it before, but honestly it works wonders for me. Its the Tea Tree Essential Oil. There are many versions of this but the Boots make is 100% pure Tea Tree oil. Put a few drops of this on your spot before you sleep and in the morning you will see your spot has gone or has massively reduced. What I noticed using this product, that it dries up my spot to the point where it shrinks back down before completely disappearing.


The oil itself has a very strong smell and comes in small doses of 20 ml. I have tried the Body Shop version but I feel it is not as strong as the Boots one. So if you are looking for a diluted version to try out first the Body Shop is a good one.

What is your go to spot remover?

Let me know in the comments below.



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