Shower me with blessings and out comes a baby

Shower me with blessings and out comes a baby


I was deep in my third trimester, when my sister threw me the most amazing baby shower I could have ever asked for. I did have so much and cant thank my amazing family and even more amazing friends that travelled so far just for me! Believe me it was tough day, the pictures may show I look all cute and glam, but the reality was, my feet was swollen, I was tired and wanted my bed. BUT I did have so much!


Firstly, I kept my makeup very simple and plain. I used ABH Modern Renaissance palette, to create a soft glam look on the eyes. I wore a cape style maxi dress that I got from boohoo a while ago. Its not a maternity dress, I bought it at a larger size, with the intention to wear it again after birth.


When it comes to decorations, my sister has a very unique eye. Shes not great at explaining but her visions are always amazing and goes above and beyond to make the theme a reality. For my baby shower she didn’t have a great deal of time, but in that short time she did so much.



She also added the little touch of Tiffany blue throughout all the decorations and some desserts.


At end the day we played some fun games. Everyone enjoyed the last game the most. All guests sent there baby pictures in advance to my sister. She then put them on strings and hung it against the window. We all then had to guess who was the baby in the picture. This game got everyone involved and was funny trying to figure who is who.



If you want to know where everything was bought and the cost, please go check out my sister blog, she as the full details of everything there.

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  1. Anonymous
    02/10/2018 / 3:49 pm

    Mashallah so nice!!

    • shanazahmed
      03/10/2018 / 12:56 am

      Thank you 🧡

    • shanazahmed
      29/09/2018 / 8:15 pm

      Thank you 🧡🧡

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