Can you really roll away scars and wrinkles?

Can you really roll away scars and wrinkles?

I envy the girls that have the perfectly even, flawless, spot free skin! I wish I had that, but nope I am legit, fifty shades of brown and breakout on special occasions. Which by the way I can totally work it. I am very happy in my own skin, but there are a few tweaks I would make. luckily I’m a beauty blogger, so I have a few trick up my sleeve to at least try to get the healthy, youthful look.

I personally have fine lines around my eyes and a strong noticeable laugh line (because what is life without laughter). This is where the Dermaroller comes in.

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What is a Dermaroller you ask???

It is a micro-medical skin-needling procedure (yep that’s a tongue twister). Its a small hand held tool that holds roughly 40 tiny needles, that come in various sizes. The larger the needle the more deeper affect it has on the skin. It is a painful procedure, but it helps stimulates the blood flow in the skin to repair and regenerate itself naturally, by increasing the collagen to create new skin cells and enhance the blood supply. This will help make the skin look clearer, brighter, smoother and more youthful. It helps repair the skin to significantly improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

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The above sounds awesome – Where can I get one??

I bought my Dermaroller from amazon for around £12 including shipping. I got the simple elegance make. 1mm. There are three different measurements, 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm. This is the size of the needle, so the bigger the needle the deeper it will go to your skin, all in all it is meant to be more effective. I imagine it to be more painful.

How do you use it?

So after intense YouTube search, this is how I feel is the most safest and cleanest way to use the Dermaroller.

What you need:
2 x small bowl
Kettle water
Surgical spirit
1 Tissue

So firstly before I use the roller, I like to clean it to hospital standard. This is very important at it is needles you are working. So the way I clean my roller, I place hot boiling water in one bowl, I put enough water in to cover the full head of the roller. On the other bowl, I place it with surgical spirit, again enough to cover the full head of the roller. I dip my roller in surgical spirit first, ensuring that the full head is is being washed. Leave it in for 2 minutes or so, and the take it out and let it dry on its side on a tissue and let the spirit dry off. Don’t touch the needles with your fingers or hands. Secondly after its dry I dip it into the boiling water and give it a good wash. Again, let it dry on the tissue.

Once the needle is dry, you are ready to use it on your face. I usually start off on my cheeks, as it is a wider surface. I firstly like to go up and down 6 times then left and right 6 times and the criss cross 6 times, this ensure I covered the full area. it is very painful, so take your time doing this. Your skin will turn red, and if you apply hard pressure you may even bleed. This is fine. I personally do not like t apply that much pressure, therefore I like to go over the same area several times. I then slowly make my way to my forehead, (this area is the most painful!!) and the rest of my face.

Once you have finished the session, do not touch your face, just completely leave it alone until the redness has calm down lastly clean your Dermaroller like you did before.

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I did notice instant improvements on my skin. My face did feel a lot tighter and the fine lines reduced massively, especially my laugh lines, they were nearly non-existent again.i also did notice that my skin did feel a lot dryer than normal, this is because the old skin is flaking off and new skin is forming underneath.

As painful as the process is, I really love the results I get from this. It is definitely is one of my favourite and hated beauty treatment.

Have you guys tried the Dermaroller? Of yes hit me up let me know what your experience of it was like.

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