Urban Decay Little Liquid Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Little Liquid Vice Lipstick

So recently I was gifted the Urban Decay Liquid lipstick Vice set. Apart from their famous setting spray I cant say I have tried out many of their products and I would never purchased a liquid lipstick from them as I have other favourable brands. In this case I am happy I was gifted them, to my shock they were actually really good.

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The key benefit of this liquid lipstick is that it is made from a waterproof formula, this is meant to make it life proof, so it is meant to be long-lasting, not budge at all throughout the day and would not need topping up. Seems like the ideal lipstick!

I got the mini collection of 4, but Urban Decay provide a huge range of 40 shades, from soft nudes to bold purples and red, that can come in two finishes, matte and metallized. UD have stated that they achieved the metallized look by adding loads of pearls and glitter to the formula to float on top to make give the metallized look.

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The product is 100% cruelty-free and weighs 5.3ml. The packaging is very lightweight, with a clear tube that allows you to see the colour inside with a gun metal lid. The applicator is long and flat which helps to provide precision and an even coverage every time.

First opinions, is that the colours are super pigmented and very long-lasting. Once they set on the lips it is tough to take off. I literally had to scrub it off. So they are life proof, I wouldn’t worry about smudging or re touching throughout the day. I absolutely love the matte colours they have to offer, not 100% feeling the metallized shades. I feel they are too glittery in pictures.



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