Is a £4 Concealer a dupe to the £22 Tarte Shape Tape Concealer??

Is a £4 Concealer a dupe to the £22 Tarte Shape Tape Concealer??

Makeup Revolution has been around for some time now and I never took much notice of it until they launched the conceal and define concealer. This product has caused quite the stir in the beauty world as they are ONLY £4 and some even claim it to be a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, so I decided to give the brand a go and buy a few products.

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Firstly, it was hard to get my hands on the concealer in Superdrug store as they were always sold out! I decided to buy it online, even that was a challenge to get the shade that I wanted C10, it always was out of stock. Eventually I settled for one shade darker (C11) and hoped for the best.

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I bought three shades, C8 to highlight, C11 to conceal under foundation and C14 to contour.

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First you get 3.4ml amount of products for only £4, the brush is shaped very similar to the Tarte Concealer and is firm allowing a very easy and smooth application. The shades I got was great for me, C8 may have been a little more on the pink side than the yellow undertones I prefer, but still left a beautiful finish and was full coverage. The product itself is dry you have to work with it very quickly, once it dries it harder to blend out and you might be there going back and forth with a damp beauty blender blending away for some time. Also I noticed the concealer does crease under the eyes which lead to me having to touch up every few hours to fix this. Apart from that I loved the concealer and has quickly been adapted to my daily makeup routine.

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Overall for £4 I would highly buy this again, you can’t go wrong. The packaging and the brush itself s good quality, the product leaves such a nice finish once blended, it’s not sticky finish and definitely is a great dupe for the Tarte concealer. There are 18 shades to choose from, something for everyone and as a drug store concealer for me it definitely is up there as one of my faves.

Something more from Makeup Revolution

I also bought the Banana Powder, as I was coming to end of my famous Ben Nye Banana powder, I was on the hunt for a good dupe. The powder itself is okay, it doesn’t highlight my under eye as much as I would like, it more blends in with my own foundation colour, so I have to go over it with a lighter powder. But anyone that is darker than MAC NC40, this may work for you. I do still use this on a day-to-day basis, as I like to keep my more expensive products for special occasions.

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Again the product is cheap, £5, compared to the Ben Nye which cost roughly around £24. It leaves a matte finish, not as silky-smooth finish as some other powder that I have used, but as a drugstore product I believe you do get your money’s worth. It does set my makeup well, the only downside is, I cannot use it to bake my under eyes. I would buy this again and keep it as a back up go to powder but I have my eye on the RMC baking powder next to try.


Lastly, I only managed to get hold of 2 lipsticks shades that I wanted to try out, majority of the stock are sold out. I cannot believe how popular Makeup Revolution.

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The lipstick again are only £4 each. As a drugstore lipstick I think they are great, they are creamy and pigmented. I love nude lipstick so I decided to get the shade Vow and Vintage

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Mixture of both Lipstick

Have you guys tried this brand? if so let me know what you think in the comments below.


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