Chanel – Gabrielle

Chanel – Gabrielle


I was recently sent a sample of the new Chanel fragrance from Glamour Beauty Club. This is the one where Kristen Stewart is in the advert, where she is running around in beautiful dress and eventually breaks through a golden glass wall to reach the other side see the sunrise I think. Honestly I didn’t understand the advert fully until I got the sample in the post and it mentioned the fragrance was inspired by the founder of House of Chanel, a woman who chose to be who SHE wanted to be. She was “a rebel at heart, passionate and free”, from this I can see what the advert was trying to achieve.



 – Gabrielle Chanel


On to the juicy part. Like all other Chanel fragrance they do come with a hefty price tag. this one is currently retailing at £79.00 for 50ml an £112.00 for 100ml in Boots stores (at least you will get advantage points with a boots card).

At first glance, I notice there are a lot of similarities between the Gabrielle, No.5 and Mademoiselle. The bottle is a clear square-shaped, smooth around the edges and made from ultra thin glass, holding the warmth of the golden liquid. The design is simple yet elegant.

Photo 10-10-2017, 6 04 48 pm

When it comes to scent, we know Chanel will feature a floral description like they have done previously. So after my research on ingredients, I wasn’t surprised to see the fragrance was made up primarily of four white flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and ylang ylang.

The combination of these ingredients helped increase the intensity but yet still give a subtle fruity boost, providing a delicate scent that is not too over powering but long-lasting. This is an ultimate feminine fragrance.

Of course I love the fragrance, I haven come across one Chanel fragrance that I have not liked yet. I feel when it comes to fragrance Chanel know what they are doing.

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With Valentines day around the corner this maybe be the perfect gift for the amazing woman in your life, let it be your best friend, mother or even wife. Or for the women that want the fragrance and don’t want to pay for it, now might be the time to start giving those “subtle” hints. I will probably start giving s my husband those hints to get it for my Valentines. Lets see how that works.

What do you think of the new fragrance? Let me know on the comments below.






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