Bourjois Voxbox Review

Bourjois Voxbox Review

I have been fortunate again to be sent a box of goodies by Influenster containing Bourjois products to review. These products are complimentary for testing! So let get on with it.

I received 4 new products and some of their best-selling items.

3 x Metallic Lip Cream (New)

This is a new addition for the brand. I received the colours 300, 100 & 500 as shown below.Photo 13-12-2017, 8 35 13 pm

I was really excited to try it out, as it is definitely out of my comfort zone and I most likely would not reach out for this in stores.

Overall I was very impressed with the colour payoff. They were very bold and bright and surprisingly I really liked wearing them. I wasn’t too fond of the shade 300 as it was a little to light for my skin. The texture is very creamy, so you have to be careful while applying as it can get messy. The downside is, as it is very creamy, it moved around quite easily and I felt I had to touch up my makeup quite regularly. I was very paranoid that it smudges and I noticed I was looking in the mirror more often to check on my makeup.

Photo 06-12-2017, 8 17 59 pm

Shade 100

Photo 05-12-2017, 9 04 12 pm

Shade 300

Photo 06-12-2017, 8 23 25 pm

Shade 500

Quad Eye Shadow Palette – Smokey Stories (New)

This is another new addition. It contains 3 semi matte with hint of glitter eye shadows, 1 glitter eye shadow and 1 mini eye shadow applicator.

Photo 14-12-2017, 5 39 53 pm (2)

Not to sound like a makeup snob, but I have not used any drugstore eye shadows in a very long. So this was going to be an interesting try out for me. Firstly the packaging is plastic and cheap, but quite lightweight and compact to carry around. I first used the mini applicator to see if that helps pick up the product, it didn’t! It was awful, if you have these in your makeup brush collection, do yourself a favour and throw it away.

My honest opinion of these shadows is that I hated them. I found it difficult to get any colour payoff, I had to keep applying the same shadow numerous times to even get some colour on my lids. They were very difficult to blend out and apart from the purple shade, the other two colours would not show in pictures. The glitter shadow was very chunky and very difficult to apply on the lids. It would not come off the brush and when it did there was a ton of fall outs. I really struggled creating a look with this palette. I most likely wont buy their eye shadows in the future, unless they change their formula.

Photo 01-12-2017, 9 00 04 pmPhoto 31-12-2017, 6 49 17 pm

Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer 

This foundation was one of my favourite drugstore foundations ever!! When I first was getting into makeup, this was my go to foundation and I completely forgot about, but was super excited to see it in the VoxBox! Photo 14-12-2017, 5 39 53 pm (6)

I was provided with the shade No.54 Beige foundation and 53 medium concealer. Now I am in between MAC NC37 and NC40, so the No.54 beige foundation was too light for my skin tone, but the concealer is great as a highlighting the face. Firstly the smell of these two products is amazing! I personally hate fragrance in my skin care and makeup products, but this one for me was manageable, it is a soft subtle rose scent.

Coverage is medium but it can be built upon. It is easy to apply and blend in. I honestly loved using both these products even though the foundation was too light I decided to just bronze my face more than I usually do.

Blusher – 34 Rose d’Or (Golden Rose) 

The packaging is very cute and small and hold plenty of product. It is easier to carry around and very lightweight. It comes with a small brush that is curved and sits quite neatly on top of the product without damaging it. It also has a small mirror which makes life easier if your travelling and putting makeup on. The colour is a soft rosy pink with a hint of shimmer. It has a fine light texture and is very transparent, so you have to apply quite a bit if you want the colour to pop. I personally prefer a softer look so this blusher is ideal for me. Again the smell of this product is amazing! I don’t know what scent it is, but it is not too over powering, very subtle.

Photo 14-12-2017, 5 39 54 pm (1)

Push Up Volume Mascara 

I’m not a huge mascara fan, because most brands tend to dry out and have a ton of fall out that would irritate my eye the whole day! This is quite a thick formula, so a little does go along way. I did notice it lifted my lashes and was long-lasting. The one thing I loved about this mascara, it did not dry out and it did not have any fall outs and it didn’t bother me at all. I think this is definitely going to be my new go to mascara!

Photo 14-12-2017, 5 39 53 pm (4).jpg

Have you guys tried any of the above products?? If so let me know what you think of them!


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