The Biore Surprise

The Biore Surprise

As winter is coming, the weather getting colder and I don’t know about you guys but I always get dry skin in this season. It is not a good look at all especially when your putting foundation on and it just makes it more visible. But fortunately I have found a way to scrub off all the dead skin on ones face.

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I randomly came across this Biore baking soda cleansing scrub at a Superdrug’s store. This was an impulse buy, I didn’t know what it does or how it works, it just looked interesting to me so I decided I must try it out. Like who uses baking soda on their face? I assumed Biore new something that we didn’t, and I wanted to find out.

From my research about the product, I found out the idea behind the use of baking soda is to gently clean and exfoliate the skin, to make it look brighter, it is a scrub based product that helps scrub the skin pores free of dirt and contaminants . Now from my understanding baking soda can be used to lighten the skin, I have tried it before and has worked in the short term.

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The scrub can be used up to 2-3 times per week. Upon adding water, the powder starts to fizz and expand, helping it to reach deep into the pores and have a polishing effect on the skin. This effect can be toned up or down by adjusting the amount of water used. The baking soda naturally dissolves away, so it is impossible to over-scrub.


From my personal experience, I feel it is very easy to use. The product itself is very lightweight and really does help soothe the skin. After my first try I instantly noticed my skin a lot more smoother and softer. It the scrub also had helped smoothen out my hand, which is a bonus!

I also believe the scrub is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin, like myself. I do tend to get dry patches on my cheeks and chins here and there and haven’t found a product that helps calm the dryness, until now. After my first use, the dry patches was reduced massively, my face was a lot smoother and softer. The one thing I loved was my makeup looked flawless.

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The down side is, as it is a powder form, it can get a little messy. It was hard to apply dry powder to the face without any spillage. I found it easier when I soaked my face in water and then pressed the powder on my face , would stick long enough for me to scrub. Also because it’s a powder form, I ended up breathing a little in, which was not great, as I had a mini coughing fit whilst trying to was my face.

Overall I rate the product 4/5


Have you tried this product? What’s your thought? Let me know on the comments below.

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