Two years down, forever to go….(IA)

Two years down, forever to go….(IA)

Better late than never…

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The red door to get married

After two years of marriage me and my husband finally did our Registry. We wanted it to be special and on our wedding anniversary so all the dates align together, rather than having so many “wedding anniversaries”. Actually just thinking about it, I should’ve went with two wedding anniversary dates, to get double the presents, right? Oh well, maybe that’s something you can consider.

We had a very small ceremony, unfortunately being married for two years the novelty wears off and everyone gets on with their lives. So I decided to only invite my younger sister and youngest brother, as I only needed two witnesses and left it at that.

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Sneak peak of the younger brother admiring the art work

We had a huge wedding ceremony in 2015, where we had over 700 guests, which was really over whelming, so cut it all down to just two guests was a relief for me and my husband. For me personally the registry was more meaningful ceremony than the actual wedding. I like things very simple.

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The beautiful venue itself

We decided to do the registry where Prince Charles got married for the second time to Camilla, at Windsor Guildhall of course in Windsor. We chose this place only because it was a beautiful city, with so many beautiful sites to take our private pictures, also it wasn’t far from where we were living.

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Fortunately on the day there was a parade show we got to watch before we got married

We booked WoodStockPhotography, from Instagram, as he did an amazing job at a friend’s wedding. Definitely no regrets there! He is such an amazing photographer has a very unique eye when it comes to taking pictures. I would highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed!! As you will see from my pictures.

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Making our entrance with the classical wedding tune

Let’s talk about outfits….

It is so hard to find an outfit that’s not sleeveless or has a long slit on the side, I wasn’t looking for a lot  just simple and modest! I looked everywhere, I though Asos would be my best friend, but was such a let down. Eventually out of luck, two weeks before the registry, I was wondering around Grand Central in Birmingham and walked into Monsoon. They had a huge sale on and I thought why not check it out for the crap I don’t need but if it is super cheap then I would buy. (We all do this right?). But here is where i found my outfit!! it was a bargain, again it was sleeveless but luckily had three linings so I managed to get a tailor to remove one lining and make sleeves with it. My husband bought a plain white suit from the Mark Francis collection, but he only wore the white blazer on the day.

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One thing for sure, me and my husband could not stop giggling throughout the whole day, were honestly like little school kids.

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Our exit to the classic song “highway to hell” was my husband choice, funnily everyone loved it

Shanaz + Emraz (42 of 93)Shanaz + Emraz (44 of 93)Shanaz + Emraz (89 of 93)Honestly guys, I cannot recommend Wood Stock Photography enough, he just has such a creative eye and he knows exactly whats hes doing.

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I love how y husband is such a natural poser and there’s me struggling

Of course guys I kept the good stuff private. But I have to admit having such a small ceremony was absolutely incredible. Yes I would have loved it if both sides of the parents could be there, but it was a difficult time for both our families. But they still kept us in their duas and made enough phone calls on the day, nagging for sneak peaks.


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  1. Faiza
    15/10/2017 / 11:15 am

    This has got to be the cutest!! Thank God you found your dress it’s the hardest part for women especially because it has to be amazing and perfect for us…. love the photographs Ma Shaa Allah very simple yet elegant look you’ve both went for, I can’t believe you had over 700 guests at the actual wedding I would die!! Literally I could never invite that many people am so shy as it is eeeeee anyways asian weddings for you. Love your blog and loved reading it ❤️💕

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