Influenster VoxBox

Influenster VoxBox

So ladies and few gents that read my blog, as you all know I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster recently. I did not expect it at all. I received a package in the post completely out of the blue! It definitely was a nice surprise.

Anyhoo, lets move on to the details as to what was in the box.

Photo 08-08-2017, 1 18 51 pm

My creative swatches of the product

I received three lip products:

Universal Lip Liner

This is meant to be a lip hack in a liner. Its is suppose to help be an instant pout perfecter to re-shape, re-size and nourish lips while holding on to the lipstick colour. It is a translucent colours, so will go with all skin tones.

My honest opinion of this product is that it is a great idea, the description sells the product, but the actual product itself is a let down. I feel it did moisturise my lips, but had a creamy finish. Putting lipstick on after the lip liner was a challenge, as the product was smudging around my lip liner, overall all it was a messy process and I feel it is an unnecessary step. All in all i would never purchase this product, I will stick to a normal lip liner.

Colour Elixir Lipstick – Pearl Martin

The lipstick, honestly is not something I would reach out for in stores. I like my lipstick to be matte and long lasting. This was the very opposite. It had a very creamy texture, with a pearly finish. The colour pay off was not great, I did have to go around my lips several times in order to get the colour to show and pop. The lipstick was a pretty colour in pictures but in real life, I didn’t like it at all. It had a very creamy finish, which smudged a great deal throughout the day. The lipstick would transfer on everything and within the hour or so, the colour faded and i had to top it up again. I like the lipstick in pictures but wearing it was difficult.

Photo 17-08-2017, 1 32 00 pm (3)

Honey Lacquer

My first impression of this was it is a lip gloss, but the colour was so pigmented it could pass as a glossy liquid lipstick. At first I put it on top of the elixir lipstick, but it felt too heavy. so I wiped my lips and used the universal lip liner and the honey lacquer. Much better combination. The honey lacquer did have a sticky finish, but it was bearable for me. Overall this is the only product I like in the package.

Photo 17-08-2017, 1 36 20 pm

Have you guys tried this out yet? whats your opinion? let me know in the comments below.




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