Honeymoon (Part One)

Honeymoon (Part One)



Mauritius 2015

So, I did get married in 2015 (where did the two years go!). Me and my husband decided to honeymoon in Mauritius. We stayed at a 5* hotel the Lux Bel Mar, right on the beach front, exactly where you would want to be. We stayed for 10 nights, which is more than you need to explore the Island.

Mauritius is such a beautiful island, so peaceful and super friendly, I would highly recommend it as a honeymoon destination.

The Island is tiny on the map but there is plenty to do and a lot to see. It is famous for their sugar, so the whole Island is filled with sugar cane 6-7ft tall. Cant miss it but definitely picture worthy.


The hotel was a 45 min drive away from the airport. Once we arrived we had a very warm welcome, with refreshments and someone took an ugly picture of us and then emailed it to us as something to remember. (Yeah that picture got deleted, we were jet lagged and super exhausted. Not camera ready!). The hotel resort was so big, our room was a short five-minute walk from the main part of the hotel.

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What We Did

First things first, when we arrived we both completely knocked out and had a little nap. We both were exhausted from the flight, which was roughly 15 hours, with a short stop in Dubai.

A quick Speedboat tour around the Island

After a quick stroll on the beach, we decided to hit the sea with a speedboat tour. Now I can’t swim and the speedboat does live up to its name, it was so fast and a very rough ride! I felt as if i was going to fall off the boat. I definitely would not do this again!!

Casela Park

This park required a full days attention! There was so much to do and see but so little time. We started off by hoping on a zebra painted safari truck to take us to the wildlife side of the park, where we got on a quad bike and drove out of the park and in to the wildlife. On our drive we came face to face with wild animals in their natural habitat. It was funny to watch my husband getting attacked by an ostrich, the ostrich seemed to be attracted to him, but the feeling was not mutual.

After quad biking, we decided to actually see the park, very similar to all other zoo, but we were able to go fishing for Tilapia fish. A good 45 minutes of trying we called it quits, with no fish, and went to our next booked activity, Walking with Lions! I think when we were signing the paper work and walking into the den, we both were nervous and thought about the worst case scenario. But once the lioness  came out, it all seemed really cool and easy.

Below is a quick preview of what we did.

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Submarine Ride

So we decided to hit the sea again, but this time down and under! Honestly this was much better than the speedboat ride. We first went on a little boat to the middle of the ocean, where a huge ship was stood with our submarine attached on the side, then one by one we had to climb on to the large ship and then jump off the ship to the submarine. The journey to get on to the submarine was scary, but overall it was so much fun!! It was a once in a lifetime experience. We went straight down to the bottom of the ocean where we saw numerous shipwrecks, local boats and a Japanese war ship which has turned into a playground for the fishes. I can honestly now say I FOUND NEMO!!!

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The picture quality under sea was not great, therefore you can’t see everything clearly, but to be honest me and my husband were so taken by our scenery we didn’t take many pictures!

W A I T . . . . .

There’s still more! We did a lot on our honeymoon therefore I had to split the post in to two parts. There is so much left to tell and show. So bare with me while I work on part two!!

E N D   O F   P A R T   O N E

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  1. nargis akthar
    10/08/2017 / 7:22 pm

    I love this can’t wait to read the next part!!

    • shanazahmed
      10/08/2017 / 7:59 pm

      Second part is up now!!!

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