Makeup Revolution Brushes

Makeup Revolution Brushes


*Unfortunately I had to take down my first blog post which was regarding my review on Makeup Revolution and Lavaneni brushes. High end vs Drugstore. Therefore now I have solely reviewed The Makeup Revolution Brushes only.*

Lately there’s a new trend in makeup brushes that look like a tiny full headed hair brush also known as the oval brushes. I originally had my eye on the AYVA brushes (very similar to the brushes I am about to review) but they have been out of stock for months. I waited a long time for the product to be restocked, eventually gave up and shopped around and came across the  Makeup Revolution brushes.

Makeup Revolution
This is a 3 piece rose gold brush set. I bought it from Superdrugs for £16 (on offer). The original price is £19.99. I believe it is available in store and online at Tam Beauty for straight £20 (a penny difference from buying it in store). This is a great dupe and a cheaper option than the LaVaneni.

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The set comes with 3 brushes, from left to right:

Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape
This is the smallest brush of the set. It is designed to shade and highlight the smaller areas of your face and can also be used on concealer. In my own opinion, I would rather use this to contour the nose, it’s the perfect size for the nose.

Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek
This is the medium-sized brush, in the middle. It is designed for sculpting out the cheekbones. I use this brush for contouring or highlighting.It is designed perfectly to move comfortable in the under eye area and can blend out a contour perfectly.

Pro precision Brush Oval Face
This is the largest brush of the set. It is designed for blending out contour, bronze, blusher or finishing powder. In my opinion, I use this as a foundation brush, as it is larger brush and can cover larger areas of the face.

Product Review
First impression, I have to admit the Makeup Revolution brushes do not feel strong. By strong, I mean the neck of the brush does bend when applying foundation. Unfortunately all the Makeup Revolution brush neck is bendable and I feel after a certain amount of uses, they may lose its form or break.

These brushes are smaller in size compared to other brands. They a large head and the bristle is a more rounded shape, but the brushes are quite dense. The good thing is, the small size of the brush means it can easily fit in any makeup bag and not weigh the bag down. I have tested all the brushes in their different use, they all leave a very similar finish. But I found it hard to blend my foundation with the larger brush, instead found myself dabbing it on my face to avoid wiping off my makeup, but still left a reasonably good finish.

Overall the quality of the brushes are great. For a cheaper option the Makeup Revolution does a good job and leaves the same finishing as my normal everyday kabuki brushes, just need to take more time in blending, but the value of the brush  is not so high like other brands in the market. The Makeup Revolution set is very good dupe and is ideal for people on a budget.

Have you tried any of these brushes or anything in a similar style? Let me know in the comments below of your thoughts and if you have a different method of use.


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