Happy New Year

Happy New Year

..New Year, New Beginnings..

Let me start this off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I know I am a tad bit late uploading this post, but I was so relaxed and being very lazy during the Christmas break. I spent it with my in laws in York and the last few days in Newcastle (which was totally awesome!). The only let down was that it did not snow!

But I really hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas/New Year break.

This is the time of year, where everyone is busy making their new year resolutions. Many will be looking at making the usual resolutions:

  • Lose weight
  • Go gym
  • Quit smoking

And many more. Also every year someone always tells me, New Year new ME… Well that is not going to be one of my resolutions for this year, lets face it, last year I was awesome, this year I plan on continuing to be awesome :).. Jokes.

But jokes aside, January is the time I usually look back at the previous year and think about everything that happened. As tough as the year was, I see that I am blessed in many more ways. Its the small thing we forget about, but mean a lot in the long run.

So here’s to a smashing NEW YEAR! May it be filled with nothing but love and happiness.

Also what are your New Years Resolutions for 2017? Let me know in the comments below.




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